More Parts Tedd Arnold


Published: January 1st 2003



More Parts  by  Tedd Arnold

More Parts by Tedd Arnold
January 1st 2003 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: | 5.64 Mb

More Parts was a second book for the books Parts. I really enjoyed this book about a young boy that takes figurative language literally. My favorite parts of this book was when his dad said, Give dad a hand. The boy thought that his dad really meant for him to give him one of his hands and he went wondering about how awful it would be for him to take one of his hands.

Another one of my favorite parts in the story would be when they told him they had a joke that would crack him up and that he better hold his tongue. This scared him into thinking that his body is going to fall apart. At the end of the book, his dad ended with saying that hes scared the boy mightve lost his mind. I would have this book in my future classroom library for the students to have access to at all times. I would also use this book for a read aloud for a writing assignment when I want the children to learn more about figurative language.

I think this would be a good read aloud for first grader through third graders when they are trying to understand figurative language and understanding when people dont mean things literally. I really enjoyed the illustrations in this book. I think they are really detailed and really catch the readers attention. I think that they help tell the story because they show what the boy is thinking and what he would really look like if what the figurative language was real.

I enjoyed this book.

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