Behavior Sampler Gary Wilkes

ISBN: 9781889854038

Published: January 1st 1994


239 pages


Behavior Sampler  by  Gary Wilkes

Behavior Sampler by Gary Wilkes
January 1st 1994 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 239 pages | ISBN: 9781889854038 | 6.47 Mb

I already know that I like Gary Wilkes because he is a balanced dog trainer, and in my opinion one of the best ones out there today. HOWEVER, I was disappointed in his book. It was nothing more than a collection of previously published articles written for the general public. I am a professional dog trainer and was expecting more in-depth discussions and analyses of techniques- what I got was a bunch of very shallow stories.

For a book called Behavior Sampler, there was a lot of filler about choosing a pet (cat vs dog vs rodent? really?), caring for a pet, what to do if you lose your pet, et cetera.One other thing that bugged me through the entire book... in the same article, talking about the same dog, he would change the referent several times throughout the article.

For example, in one sentence he would refer to the pet, in the next sentence, the dog, then back to the pet, then the animal. It would be different if he was switching from speaking about one particular animal, say, a dog, to making a general statement about pets or animals, but that wasnt the case. This interrupted the flow so regularly that I wanted to stop reading, but because of my rule to always read a book all the way through once started, I kept going.Some decent stuff in here, but overall not worth the read unless you are a brand-new dog owner or researching the idea of getting a dog.

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