HELL HOT Mary Shirley


Published: September 12th 2014

Kindle Edition

96 pages


HELL HOT  by  Mary Shirley

HELL HOT by Mary Shirley
September 12th 2014 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 96 pages | ISBN: | 8.19 Mb

Hell Hot, a Novella TrilogyEach part is a story but threads run all through it. You should find it a fast read that flows and is full of action.Part 1This is a story about a woman with extraordinary skills in locating missing persons. Persistence is one of those skills. Cora Lee will not give up. But when she goes to Washington Cora Lee finds nothing to solve her two cases, a young man of 18 and a young woman serving an internship for a particular Congressman. Although the case becomes an international sensation with investigative reporters digging up salacious circumstances, none of it can penetrate the D.C.

fortress of protecting its own.Cora Lee makes a tactical retreat to her home near Miami. Her friend and computer geek, Meteor, finds an image of the young man. An Internet advertisement for a Mexican brothel. The problem to overcome is how Cora Lee and her boyfriend, Clint, are to snatch the boy from the hands of a Mexican drug cartel. The solution, call in a group of professionals.Part 2Cora Lee and Clint add more strands to the web of the professionals when Clint suffers an unfortunate encounter with a man whom once stalked Cora Lee. A man with immunity from law enforcement.

That causes her to follow up a lead which put her face to face with a condemned serial killer. She comes away from the meeting loaded with information. Cora Lee now knew who she wants and devises an intricate plan to obtain the answers.Cora Lee got her answers.

That is, all but the one she needed. Who was the brain power at the top? Afterwords she realizes the failure but its too late. All she has is a name that goes nowhere. She turns to the Mossad for help. That ends against a wall, not a brick wall like she has been running into, but a wall non-the-less. As if life at the moment isnt cruel enough, her cop friend comes pleading a request that she help with the serial killer.

Then he questions about her involvement with the disappearance of her stalker.Part 3Cora Lee brings home a girl, a refugee from the Mexican brothel and soon thinks maybe she bit off too much this time. Cora Lee relents to her cop friend and participates in the recovery of the serial killers victims.

She has to match wits with the killer every step of the way. This event does have a noted surprise.Cora Lee takes up her bag of clues and heads south. First to the Dominican Republic where she finds a feeling in her gut that takes her on to Venezuela.

There she digs out another clue that takes her to the island of Grenada where she stares down the wrong end of a gun barrel.

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